Site Promotion – Advanced Tips for Excel at Site Promotion

Steps to take

1. You should start your website promotion by listing your site at the most popular Internet directories.

2. Start with the Open Directory Project. While your site has to offer good, unique content to be accepted to the ODP

3. After securing a listing at ODP, your next task is to get the folks at Yahoo to notice that your site exists and is worth a place in their directory.

4. Try to make the design of your site as search engine friendly as possible.

5. Do some keyword optimization

6. Now is the time to make sure that your site has a presence in the indexes of major search engines.

7. Start using E-mail signatures

8. Try to build traffic with Usenet advertising. It can give you a nice traffic boost and help spread the word about your site, but only if done properly.

9. Writing newsletter articles often works well and can send you large amounts of targeted traffic in a short period of time, for free.

10. Evaluate whether your site could benefit from joining a top site list. These lists have their good and bad sides, but might be at least worth a try.


1. Repeating your primary keyword 100 times at the top of the page will not get you the top spot on search engines; on the contrary it will hurt you and might even get you into trouble.

2. Do not rely on free web site hosts

3. The use popular keywords is not a good search engine promotion method, as it will only bring visitors that are looking for something else than what the site is about.

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